Active Foam

Active foam acts as a professional grade car wash detergent, used in all kinds of self-service, tunnel and portal car washes. The complex formula enables the user to select the level of pleasantly scented foaminess. Special components are responsible for creating rich foam that enables the minimal use of brushes on the bodywork of the vehicle with the maximum wash effect. The rinse process is facilitated by the rapid decomposition of the foam which enables a quick rinse, without clogging drains or creating unwanted foaming in the plumbing.

Packaging: 25 KG Dosage per vehicle: 15 - 20 g pH: 10,50

Box Wash

A professional grade detergent for the thorough washing of all body work and color types, used in self-service car washes. The product ensures supreme washing characteristics, antistatic properties, decelerated drying and a high proportion of water diluting, regardless of water hardness. Perfect foaminess and pleasant scent give an enjoyable, quick and efficient wash, without clogging the drain. Due to a special formula, this detergent is quickly and completely dissolved in water. The product is efficient even in lower water temperatures, cutting the cost of the wash, while retaining the quality. A special additive preserves paint of the vehicle and makes it easier to wash. The product is also enriched with a corrosion inhibitor which, assisted by the product’s optimal foaminess, prevents oxidation of even the most sensitive types of polish and recycled plastic components under high temperatures. The chemical formulation of the product is beneficial to the technical parts of the car wash like gaskets, pumps, nozzles and cleaner liquid dispensers, extending service intervals and thus further cutting the maintenance costs of the equipment.

Packaging: 25 KG Dosage per vehicle: 20 - 40 ml pH: 13,50

Box Wash Powder

A concentrated alkaline based product for a highly effective wash, specially developed for washing both passenger cars and commercial vehicles in self-service car washes. The product can also be used for manual and automated prewashing. Easily removes all tough organic and chemical stains (insects, grease stains, smog, salt, exhaust residue, mud, etc.). Pleasantly scented and compatible with water purifying and recycling units. Easily diluted in water, creates a rich foam that is rinsed easily when used properly.

Packaging: 20 KG Dosage per vehicle: 0,5 - 5% pH: 10,80

Box Wax

A professional grade, polymer, cationic wax with water repelling properties, appropriate for automated and self-service car washes. Moderate foaminess, pleasant scent, watery shine and bodywork protection are achieved using water, regardless of hardness, even recycled water. The product does not leave grease stains on glass surfaces, body work or machine brushes. This product is optimized to any automated car wash where the wash is not finalized manually, using a cloth.

Packaging: 25 L Dosage per vehicle: 10 - 20 ml pH: 4,50

Magic foam

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